Presentazioni del libro «La bellezza disarmata»

11/10/2017 | 18:30 | USA | Houston, TX
University of St. Thomas

Disarming Beauty. A Dialogue with Fr. Julián Carrón on Faith, Truth and Freedom

Location – University of St. Thomas, Jones Hall
Time – 6:30 pm
Co-Sponsor – St. Thomas University

> Fr. Julián Carrón - Professor at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Milan & President of Communion and Liberation
> Mauro Ferrari - President and CEO of the Methodist Hospital Research Institute
> Marlon Hall - Anthropologist and entrepreneur
> M.J. Khan - President of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston
> Louis Markos - Professor of English and Robert H. Ray Chair in Humanities at Houston Baptist University

> José Medina

VIDEO (Part I)